Current as of Aug 2019

Standard Operating Procedures and Policies


Vest and Crest Information


Front of Vest

Back of Vest

Nothing else on back of vest 

Only the Gold Cross in between shoulder blades and KofC crest centered under it.

KofC Crests

New members are responsible for acquiring leather vest and the following crests

- 12" and 4" KofC

- 4" 4th Degree for Vest (if you are a 4th degree)

- 2" 4th Degree for beret (if you are a 4th degree)

Patches can be bought at the below websites:

The English Company (Embroidered Patches)

Click on "Category" then Click on "Patches"


Call 1 800 444 (kofc) 5632 to order 12" and 4" KofC crest and if you are a 4th degree order the 4" blue oval patch.  Let them know you are a member of the KonB for Free Shipping.

KonB Men's Basic Patch Package ($40.50)

includes the following: 

(3 1/2" State and US Flag, 3" KonB Diocese Patch, Gold Cross)

KonB Men's Full Patch Package (97.50) 

Includes the following:

(KonB Basic Patch Package) 

Plus (4" and 12" Emblem of the Order)

Ordering: TBA

Payment: TBA

Shipment: TBA

KonB-Lady's Patch Package (Optional) ($90.50)

includes the following:

3 1/2" State and US Flag, 3" KonB Lady's Patch, Gold Cross and 10" KonB-Lady Emblem. 

Ordering: TBA

Payment: TBA

Shipment: TBA  

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