Knights on Bikes - International

In God We Trust and Ride


Current as of Aug 2019

Standard Operating Procedures and Policies


Vest and Crest Information

Base Material for Vest will be:
Black Leather or Black Denim Cloth or Black Textile


Front of Vest

This is a Sample Only, please refer to KonB ByLaws above for correct placement of Crests and Insignia.

Image by SK Stephen McGregor  

Back of Vest

This is a Sample Only, please refer to KonB Bylaws above for correct placement of Crests and Insignia. 

Image by SK Stephen McGregor

KonB-Lady's Vest (Optional)

This is a sample Vest Only, refer to KonB ByLaws above for correct placement of Crests and Insignia.  

Crest Order Form


  • To ensure that only approved/current KonB Members order KonB Crests.
  • To maintain integrity of KonB Crests to approved National Supplier.
  • To maintain integrity of size, color, and shape of KonB Crests.


  • Only one Order Form per member, only one of each crests per member.
  • Crest Order Form is a fillable form to be filled electronically, but can be filled manually if needed.
  • Crest Order Form will be used primarily by POD, or designated representative, but can be used by anyone in the member’s chain of command to order KonB Crests for their respective members.
  • All Order Forms shall be validated with current Diocese and State Member Rosters, KonB-International will validate with KonB-Database.
  • Order Forms for New Members shall include an approved Membership Form as approved by KonB Bylaws, if New Member is not already in the KonB-Database.

Order Form will be submitted from Diocese to State, State will forward to KonB-International's email (, KonB-International will forward to National Supplier, National Supplier will contact member for payment information. National Supplier will ship directly to member as addressed on Order Form.