2000: Meeting Called to Order by IP Bob Bagley

2005: Opening Prayer offered by Brother Lawrence Stewart

2010: Roll Call of Attendees and Officers.

Present: IP Bob Bagley, I1VP Jesus Chavez, CNVP Dennis Mailloux, CNC Father Pierre Champoux,
IC Father Sinclair Oubre, AmCVP Lawrence Stewart, CNP John Vidal, Founders Ray Medina,
Mike Savage and Willie Davidson, State President Angelo Chiodo and Paul Padilla.

Absent: NP Doug Richardson, AmEVP Peter Morton, AmCVP Chris Oldmixon, and Santa Bob Smith

Excused: Father Jim Heyd and NA Mark Kuczera

IP Bob Bagley: Meeting was called at the request of the National President and National T Vice Presidents to discuss the letter sent out by the Founders regarding the fact that the National Time Zone VP positions should actually be International VP’s who would be responsible for reporting to the International President and not the National President.

Brother Ray M: Stated the intention of the Time Zone VPs was to help streamline communication within the KonB. The Time Zone VPs zones were meant to run from the North Pole to the South Pole and not be limited to just the United States.

IP Bob Bagley: Under this system each time zone VP would be responsible for those areas of Canada that fall within their time zone. For incidents in Canada the International Time Zone VP would answer to the Canadian National President.

Time Zone VPs would be subordinate to the International President should the current National Time Zone VP positions be declared null and void.

Mike Savage asked where the Officers who requested the meeting were. Also do we give them one more chance to have their say or does the Board make a final decision as to what to do.

IP Bob Bagley read a message from NP D. Richardson stating he wants a 1 on 1 meeting to discuss the issue before the Board. However, he wants the meeting between just them with no input from the Executive Board or the Founders.

Brother Willie D. and Ray M. could get together and work on the language of any resolution that might need to be made. We are all Men of God and we need to continue grow as such.

IP Bob Bagley read a letter from Brother Jesus. What follows is a slightly condensed version of it. If anyone needs the full version, please contact me and I will forward it to you.

Worthy Board Members and Brothers all, the Executive Board has been accused of illegal decisions and rulings based on personal feelings and vendettas. I offer the following evidence to consider if NP Doug R and supporting members correctly characterized the Executive Board or if they have collectively decided not to follow the KonB under false accusations.

1. NP D. Richardson made an erroneous decision based solely on hearsay statements.

2. Brother Lawrence was never consulted which was recognized by members of the Executive Board and voted on accordingly in the meeting held on 8 March 2022,

3. The investigation that was conducted failed to prove any of the charges against Brother Lawrence with hard evidence.

4. IP B. Bagley called NP D. Richardson and requested that he conduct a second investigation and also to interview Brother Lawrence and any witnesses he may have.

5. NP D. Richardson refused stating what he already completed was enough.

6. Brother Lawrence was not given due process and the damage to his character is still affecting both him and other members of Knights on Bikes.

7. In their correspondence the National President and supporting members do not recognize the reinstatement of Brother Lawrence and according to them, all of the time zones are represented by Brothers Blanco, Santa, Chris and Peter which continue to mischaracterize Brother Lawrence and the Executive Board Decision.

The second item in the letter deals with the appointment of Brother Blanco to the position of National VP for the Pacific Time Zone.

1. Upon his reinstatement in KonB IP Bob Bagley explained to NP D. Richardson that Brother Blanco was not allowed to be in a Leadership position for a period of 5 years.

2.The National President ignored this request and refused to appoint Brother Santa as interim VP for the Pacific Time Zone and appointed Brother Blanco instead.

A. Brother Blanco slandered a fellow Brother Knight using Social Media.

B. Brother Blanco refused the position that he was voted into, in three separate emails, because he did not like the way Knights on Bikes was operating.

C. Following the 2021 International Rally, Brother Blanco walked away from Knights on Bikes because he did not like how the KonB was operating. He then started another Organization. (Knights of Columbus Riders.

D. When Brother Blanco asked to rejoin KonB IP B. Bagley told NP D. Richardson that yes he could be reinstated since he was not removed for disciplinary reasons. He could be reinstated as a KonB member but would not be allowed to hold a leadership position for 5 years. NP Doug Richardson stated he was good with that, but he then appointed Brother Blanco to VP of the Pacific Time Zone against the advice of the EB despite his obvious history of lack of commitment and loyalty to KonB. This appointment was done without the consent of the Executive Board and against the order of the Chief Executive Officer.

E. It was suggested that an election be held to fill the position of Pacific Time Zone VP. This has not been done due to the National President’s refusal to accept the decision of the Executive Board.

F. The International President and the Executive Board could have questioned the NP’s leadership at the time of the incidents, but chose to correct the wrong doing and forgive and continue to work peacefully as Brothers in Christ.

Based on these actions and the current mischaracterization of the Executive Board by the National President, it makes me question his ability to be fair and impartial and thus question his ability to be an effective leader and more so to be the leader of the nation. His questionable leadership, decision making and by causing much consternation to the entire KonB is a serious matter and should not be allowed to continue within Knights on Bikes.

Based on this i propose to the Executive Board that National President D. Richardson be removed from his position and not be allowed to hold an office in the KonB higher than President of a Diocese and at their request have this information sent to all Knights on Bikes members.

Brothers Mike S, Willie D and Ray M agree with brother Jesus statement.

Brother Mike stated that we need to show evidence that brother Doug has refused to work with the executive board.

Brother Bob stated that the letter that was sent to the board stating that the national officers wouldn’t follow the decision of the executive board shows this.

It’s been brought to our attention that the national president and the national vice presidents are holding meetings and not notifying the executive board or the founders of what is taking place.

Brother Angelo C stated that he asked the national president what had happened with brother Lawrence and never received an answer. Brother Doug also stated that he was never told Brother Blanco could not hold a leadership position.

Brother Angelo also stated he was waiting to hear back from the national president on other issues. It’s reported that brother Doug also stated that no one would be smart enough to know what had been done.

Brother Angelo also stated that the national president has yet to show up for a mountain Time Zone meeting. Also brother Angelo said that the state of Colorado stands fully behind brother Lawrence. The National president has also broken off all contact with the state and will not answer any questions regarding brother Lawrence.

The Knights of Columbus Riders founded by Brother Blanco who is an active member of the the Knights of Columbus and nights on bikes along with brother Santa contacted Brother Ray Medina to see how he went about forming Knights on Bikes.

Brother Angelo stated that brother Blanco has posted on social media photos using both the Knights on bikes and Knights of Columbus Riders logos. These can be seen in some of the photos of the Poco run taking place this weekend.

Brother Angelo also stated that we need an elected Pacific time zone vice president.

The question was raised how do we proceed with the national president and the time zone vice presidents. Are the vice presidents of the time zones a null and void position? Also do we relieve the national president and restrict the leadership position he can hold in the future?

Brother Ray Medina stated that brother Bob Bagley should meet one-on-one with brother Doug Richardson before any decision is made. The founders and the executive board will support whatever decision the international president Bob Bagley makes After such a meeting.

Brother Lawrence stated that this issue needs to be resolved and any meeting taking place between the international president Bob Bagley and the national president Doug Richardson should have an arbitrator present and be recorded by the executive board recording secretary.

Brother Lawrence stated that he has not confronted the national president over the issue and is still waiting for an apology from him.

Brother Dennis M stated that the original investigation should have been done by the national advocate and not the national president.

Brother Dennis also stated that the original investigation done by the national president should therefore be null and void.

Brother Angelo stated that the national advocate not doing his job is part of the issue thus causing issues within the knights on bikes. It appears that the national president is willing to destroy Knights on bikes to get his way.

It was also stated that the states on the East Coast are not getting minutes from executive board meetings. The longer this goes on the worst it is for Knights on bikes.

Father Sinclair stated we need to make sure we follow the Constitution. Brother Bob asked if a one-on-one meeting would be in violation of the Constitution.

Brother Dennis stated that there is no rule against a one-on-one meeting. But if one is to take place make sure that an advocate/ arbitrator is present along with the international recording secretary.

Brother Lawrence made a motion for the international president Bob Bagley to meet with the national president Doug Richardson to resolve this matter. Also that brother Dennis be present as an advocate/arbitrator and that the executive board recording secretary be present to take notes.

It was also stated that the founders and the executive board will support the decision of the international president Bob Bagley following the meeting with national president Doug Richardson.

The motion was seconded by Brother Jesus. Discussion was called for and there was none. A vote was called for and the motion was passed unanimously.

International president Bob Bagley will contact National president Doug Richardson to set up a meeting.

The final decision on the status of the national VPS will be made after the meeting between the international president and the national president. At this time these positions are considered to be null and void.

Brother John V stated that the national president should present his case first before the international president lists any charges against the national president. He also stated to watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing.

2200 meeting was adjourned and the closing prayer was offered by Father Pierre.