1915:  Meeting call to order by International president Robert Bagley.
1920:  Opening prayer offered by Robert Bagley.
1925:  Present for the meeting  is IP Bob Bagley, NP Doug Richardson, International Advocate Dennis Mailloux and Recording Secretary Kevin Hagadorn.
1930: International President Bob Bagley asked National President  Doug Richardson if he would like to start the meeting because of the packet he sent him called points of interest. National president Doug Richardson stated that he felt the meeting should just be between him and International President Bob Bagley, he saw no need for the presence of either the Advocate or the recording secretary. He also stated that he hoped this would be the first of many one-on-one meetings between himself and International president Bob Bagley.
International president Bob Bagley told him that he cannot guarantee that this would happen because this has been an ongoing problem since March 8, 2022 and has occupied everyone’s time for almost a year.
Brother Doug ask that Brother Bob repeat the above because of interference he could not hear what Brother Bob said.
Brother Doug then stated if the party’s involved can’t meet privately to discuss a matter then why bother to meet at all and thanked us for our time and was about to sign off when International President Bob Bagley said hang on, I have letters and accusations that you sent me regarding International, Founders and Executive Board that I would like an explanation and why they were made. National President Doug Richardson said that International, Founders and Executive Board was not communicating with National.
Brother Bob then went on to explain that the national vice presidents have not been showing up for board meetings. Brother Bob then recapped the board meetings which the national president has missed and that the one he did attend he said nothing and just let his vice presidents do the reports for what was taking place nationally. Brother Bob also stated that these meetings are where we communicate and if you choose not to show up how are we supposed to communicate with you.
Brother Doug stated that the national president should be able to deal directly with the Founders. He also stated that he asked for the meetings to open lines of communication and this doesn’t seem to be happening so why bother with meetings. Brother Bob stated that there are scheduled meetings every other month that National doesn’t show up for with the exception of Lawrence Stewart. You asked for a meeting with Executive Board, Founders and International and the meeting was set. Brother Doug said you only gave us 36 hour notice and Brother Bob said we all had a 36 hour notice and moved our plans around to make it, because it was important to get the issues settled. The Founders, International, Canada, to which the Canadian President took time out of work for, and none of the US National Officers showed except for the MTZVP Lawrence Stewart.
Brother Bob then read the letter dated 20 August and requested input from Brother Doug regarding this letter
Brother Doug then stated he feels everything being done is an overreach of power have a warrant to search and the Board is trying to change the bylaws to fit the needs of the Board. He also stated that this is the feeling of his National Officers and some State Officers.
Brother Bob then stated that the states that he has called know nothing of these complaints. He then explained that the Executive Board reviewed the complaint against  Brother Lawrence and found nothing of substance to lead to his removal as a Member of Knights on Bikes and a National Officer. This being determined a vote was held by the Executive Board to reinstate Brother Lawrence thereby correcting what the board determined to be a mistake. He also reminded Brother Doug that the Board voted to reinstate Brother Lawrence by a total of six for reinstatement and two opposed with one abstention.
Brother Bob also stated that Brother Lawrence still feels like an outcast and is not being included in events that are taking place in his area. This is a major concern.
Brother Bob then stated that at the meeting on 2September22 that was requested by the National president and National Vice  Presidents the only National officer that  attended was Brother Lawrence.
Brother Bob then asked brother Doug why Canada was receiving minutes of all the executive board meetings but that the United States was not. In August of 2021 a directive was issued by the Executive Board that the results of all meetings should be distributed to the membership.
At a meeting later in the year brother Peter stated that the directive issued in August of 2021 wasn’t valid and wanted a vote on the matter. A motion was made and passed stating that the minutes of the meetings should be forwarded to the entire membership. This is still not happening within all areas of the United States.
There was a Mountain Time Zone meeting held to which neither the International President or Officers of the Board were invited to attend, nor was the Mountain Timezone VP.
Brother Doug stated he was not sure who the meeting was set up by but it wasn’t done by the National Officers.
Brother Bob then stated that an Eric Kirby was requested to set up the meeting and all the National Officers would be there. E. Kirby Hosted  the meeting requsted by National. A state within the MTZ called International President Bob and asked why he was not invited and the MTZ VP, Bob said he did not know, so that State President let Bob listen to the meeting by his phone. Bob said the question was asked to NP Doug, why would you appoint Bruce Hines to a NVP position when the International President said he could be a member only with no leadership position for 5 years. NP Doug said that conversation never took place.
Brother Bob then recapped the situation with brother Blanco and the fact that when he rejoined K on B he would not be allowed to hold a leadership position for a period of five years.
Brother Doug stated that this was not in the text message that he received but it was after the fact when Blanco was reinstated.
Brother Bob then asked brother Doug what about the conversation they had on the phone stating that Brother Blanco could not hold a leadership position.
Brother Doug had no answer for this question.
Brother Bob then read the Knights of Columbus Riders mission statement that was signed by Brother Blanco.
Brother Bob then stated that at the meet in the middle rally in Virginia, he was approached by members of Knights on Bikes Florida asking about what the Knights of Columbus Riders was all about. He then stated that the issues with brother Blanco are causing problems for Knights on Bikes throughout the United States and Canada.
When asked for input Brother Doug had nothing to provide.
Brother Bob then read the letter from the Founders regarding the National Vice  President and what the Founders meant for their role to be.
Brother Bob then read the letter from the National Officers stating that they did not recognize what the founders had stated.
Brother Bob then asked Brother Doug how do we resolve the fact that the National President and Vice Presidents are not attending meetings.
Brother Doug stated that there wasn’t enough notice on the on the meetings for any of the National Officers to be able to attend.
The situation with Brother Lawrence was then recapped and the meeting held on September 2nd was recapped and the fact that the only National Officer to attend was Brother Lawrence.
International President Bob Bagley then read the letters from the Founders stating that the National Vice Presidents position should actually be International Vice Presidents and their territory should run from the North Pole to the South Pole.
Brother Bob then stated that the Executive Board cannot change the intent of the Founders, but the Founders can correct the Executive Board on an interpretation when the Boards interpretation is not what was meant by the Founders. Brother Bob also stated that the Executive Board has been blocked when trying to send out information to the membership via the National Officers.
Brother Doug stated that the Central Time Zone are receiving the minutes when they are sent out. He cannot speak as to why his other Time Zone Vice Presidents are not sending out the minutes.
Brother Doug stated that he agrees with the sending out of the minutes and doesn’t understand why this is not being done by his National Vice Presidents.
Brother Dennis stated that they have been sending out the minutes in Canada since the original directive was issued in August of 2021.
Brother Bob stated that the states of Texas and California had not received any minutes prior International going online and sending them out. If matters are not going out like they should does this call into question the National President’s ability to run the United States.
Brother Bob then read brother Jesus letter about the issues taking place within the Knights on Bikes. Brother Bob then made the statement that he does not understand why shortly after the elections the new National Officers were acting this way and could Doug explain.  No reply from Doug.
Bob then asked how the National Officers we accusing the Founders, International and Executive Board of making illegitimate decisions and rulings based on personal feelings and vendettas.?   Doug said it goes back to the March meeting on Lawrence. Bob then again explained that Doug had no evidence on Brother Lawrence,  if anything was said it was considered hearsay because Doug never interviewed Lawrence nor did he talk to any witnesses that Lawrence may have had. We took a vote by the Executive Board but not all the US National Officers showed up and it was 6 to 2 with one abstention to reinstate Brother Lawrence. No one’s arm was being twisted to vote a certain way, at least from Founders, International or Canada.
Bob then said he could have moved to questioned National President Doug Richardson’s leadership at the time of the incidents,  but chose to simply correct the wrongdoing, forgive and continue peaceably as Brothers in Christ. You still continue to hammer on Lawrence and make accusations against our Founders, Executive Board and International.
Brother Bob then read the Section 2, 6. of Article 7 that the National President has been found to be in violation of and that it results in discharge. The Executive Board and the Founders will back any decision by the International President Bob Bagley in regards to these matters.
International President Bob Bagley then  explained to National President Doug Richardson that he was willing to offer an olive branch: if Doug resigns his position as NP and apologize for the consternation to K on B as a whole and to Lawrence Stewart it would result in him still remaking as a member of Knights on Bikes and not advancing in a leadership position higher than POD.
Should he choose not to do this then it would result in removal from office and indefinite suspension from Knights on Bikes.
Brother Doug then stated he will not and he would never, never resign and will accept the charges and it can be taken to Supreme for resolution.
The International President Bob Bagley then stated as of 19 September 22 the National President Doug Richardson is removed from his position as National President and also suspended indefinitely.  from the Knights on Bikes.
2010: Following the above decision the meeting was adjourned.