EB Meeting Minutes from July 30, 2023

  • Meeting Called to Order
    • Executive Board Meeting called to order by IP Bob “Ace” Bagley at 19:00 EST
  • Opening Prayer
    • Offered by Father Sinclair
  • Roll Call of Officers
    • All Officers are present or accounted for.
  • Reading of the Minutes
    • Executive Board Meeting held in May were approved with no corrections and no objections.
    • The minutes from the meeting held in La Crosse, WI were read and approved with no objections or changes.
  • Unfinished Business
    • NP Angelo C stated we have members were suspended at the Jan 2023 who wished to return to KonB. The Board then reviewed all of the currently suspended one at a time:
      • H. Holloway-Ark- Remains Suspended
      • M. Huber-Ark-Remains Suspended
      • E. Bonilla-CA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P.
      • H. Cost-CA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P.
      • R. Kumar-CA- Remains Suspended
      • M. Sanchez-CA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • J. Airagah-Fla-TBD by ETZVP George M
      • A. Milot-Fla- Remains Suspended
      • T. Gant-Ga- TBD by ETZVP George M
      • P. Morton-Ga-Remains Suspended
      • A. Truax-Wash-Remains Suspended
      • B. Anderson-Idaho-Remains Suspended
        • Find out what is actually taking place in Idaho. Brother Mike possible New State President for Idaho.
      • G. Biedron-IL-TBD by CTZVP Brian R.
      • M. Kuzera-IL-Remains Suspended
      • S. Zalas Jr.-IL-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
        • There are also six members listed as inactive that CTZVP Brian wants to check on before making a decision on them.
      • P. Charvey-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • R. Clarke-Kansas-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • J. Hale-Kansas-TBD by CTZVP  Brian  R
      • S. Guyling-LA-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • D. Richardson-LA-Remains Suspended
      • R. Dupris-LA-Supports International and Founders. TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • F. Hall-Missouri-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • A. Vigil-ND-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • Robert Diaz-NM-Removed from KofC
      • R. Locke-NM-TBD by MTZVP Judd H.
      • E. Kirby-NM-Stays Suspended
      • J. Spade-OK-Stays Suspended
      • K. Fridenberg- Oregon-TBD by PTZVP Paul
      • M. Ecure-TN-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • S. Lopez-TX-Stays Suspended
      • J. Montalvo-TX-TBD by CTZVP Brian R.
      • C. Dominski-TX-TBD by CTZVP Brian R
      • J. McCannon-WA-TBD by WTZVP Paul P
      • D. O’Keefe-WA-Stays Suspended
      • T. Saha-WA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • C. Oldmixon-TX-Stays Suspended
      • L. Smith-WA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • G. Sparks-WA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • A. Corand-Stays Suspended
      • R. Guel-WA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • L. Bast-WA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • B. Fleming-Stays Suspended
      • M. Mateo-WA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • M. Perkins-WA-TBD by PTZVP Paul P
      • D. Toth- Stays Suspended
      • S. Steele-TX-Stays Suspended
    • Father Sinclair asked about the original suspensions and IP Bob B. explained what had taken place and why the suspensions were made.
  • New Business
    • None
  • Officers Reports
    • Father Sinclair stated that the Milwaukee Diocese did nothing during the Harley-Davidson birthday celebration. He stated it would have been a good time for both the diocese and Knights on Bikes to have a booth for people to find out about Knights on Bikes and the Milwaukee Diocese. He also stated that it might be a good idea if Knights on Bikes had a presence at some of the rallies that take place around the country.
    • Father Sinclair also reminded everyone about the Eucharistic conference that will be taking place he feels that it would be a good location for members of the Knights of Columbus and Knights on Bikes to get together and socialize.
    • National President Brother Angelo stated that the Presidents of Diocese are very important for everything that we do as Knights on Bikes.
    • International President Brother Bob Bagley told everyone that Long Ride Home will be aired on the 1st of September at 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time.
    • Brother Bob also stated everything seems to have calmed down within Knights on Bikes it was also mentioned that Knights on Bikes should see about setting up a booth at the next Supreme Convention.
    • Brother Bob also mentioned that the Rock Ride in Canada was a major success and that there is a possibility that the Knights of Columbus and Knights on Bikes may take it over.
    • Brother bob also stated that the bylaw review will take place during the September meeting.
  • Next Executive Board Meeting
    • Sunday Sept 24 2023 at 1900 EST.
  • Closing Prayer
    • Offered by Father Sinclair
  • Meeting Adjourned
    • By IP Bob “Ace” Bagley at 20:15 EST

Minutes from the 2023 International Rally – June 7, 2023 LaCrosse, W

  • 11:00:  Meeting call to order by International President Robert Bagley.
    • Deacon Lawrence P. was appointed Chaplain and presented the Opening Prayer for the meeting.
  • 11:05:  A Roll Call of Deceased Members was read into the Record and a Moment of Silence and Prayer was held in their Honor.
  • 11:10:  The International Advocate held a roll call of the Executive Board Officers and all Officers were  present or accounted for.
  • 11:15:  Nominations for International President were opened. Incumbent President Robert Bagley was nominated to retain the position he currently holds.  No other nominations were made and nominations were closed.
  • 11:20:  As there were no further nominations Brother Michael L. made a motion to accept Brother Robert Bagley as International President by acclamation. Motion was seconded and the passed with no objections.
    • A motion was made that the International Vice Presidents be appointed by the international President. The motion was seconded and passed by acclamation with no objections.
    • Following the vote on the motion the current National President Angelo C and the current Canadian National President John V were appointed to the positions of International Vice Presidents.
  • 11:25:   Due to health reasons Brother Jesus Chavez resigned from his position on the board. Brother Jesus was then presented with a plaque and other gifts to honor his many years of service.
  • 11:30:  The reports of Officers :
    • The Chaplain Lawrence P. reported all was good.
    • International President Bob Bagley stated that it’s been a rough couple of years but we need to continue to move forward this rally has been about healing, and keeping Christ in the rally. He also stated that we will welcome any of our Brothers back with open arms if they wish to rejoin Knights on Bikes.
    • Canadian National President John V stated that all is good in Canada. He also reminded everyone present that this is the last year of the R.O.C.K. Ride and that the Knights of Columbus may take over the running of the R.O.C.K. Ride and future years this is yet to be determined.
    • American National President Angelo C had nothing to report at this time.
    • The National Time Zone Vice Presidents stated that we need to continue to reach out to our Brothers to bring them back within the fold of Knights on Bikes. They also offered congratulations to our Brothers from the State of Florida for all the for all the good works that they have been doing.
    • Founder Brother Ray Medina stated that he was glad that he attended the rally in Lacrosse and had nothing to report at this time.
  • 11:45:  There was no Old Business to Discuss.
  • 11:50:   New Business:
    • A:  Approval of Bylaws by membership
      • 1: A motion was made to accept the Bylaws as presented to the membership. The motion was seconded and passed by acclamation with no objections.
    • B: Meeting Location for 2025 Rally
      • 1. Avoid Holiday Weekends
      • 2. Try to hold after school is out.
      • The great States of Florida and Texas volunteered to hold to 2025 rally. After discussion by membership a motion was made for Florida to hold the rally the motion was seconded and passed following discussion.
  • 12:00: The Founders Award was presented to Brothers Lawrence Stewart and Jesus Chavez.
    • Distance awards went to Brother Gator and Brother Paul Padilla.
    • The dates for the 2025 rally will be determined and then passed on to the membership. Florida also stated that they want to keep the 2025 rally along the same lines as the 2023 rally incorporating religious sites and devotions within the rally.
  • 12:15:  His Eminence Cardinal Burke then met with Knights on Bikes and was made an Honorary member.  Following Cardinal Burke statements and photos with His Eminence.
  • The meeting closed and Brother Johnny V offered the closing prayer.

EB Meeting Notes from January 29th 2023

2000: Meeting called to order

2005: Opening Prayer offered by Father Sinclair

2010: roll call of officers conducted by Dennis Mailloux. All officers are present or accounted for.

2015: IP Bob Bagley discussed the agenda for the meeting.

2020: Brother Ray Medina talked about a trademarking of the Knights on Bikes Emblem. After providing all the necessary paperwork the filing of the trademark was completed with the federal government and was assigned a serial number. With the trademarking Brother Ray now has final say who can use the emblem and what it can be used for.

Brother Ray then stated that he would be taking back control of the patch ordering and would work with Ringold you continue to streamline the process.

It was stated that we can get a number of the patches from the English company if we wanted to leave Ringold. Brother Johnny V said that he thought we had an agreement with Ringold. Brother Lawrence stated that we do have an agreement with them and that has stayed the same all along. Brother Paul stated that Ringold also sells the Vatican flag patch if we would want to start wearing it also.

Brother Bob asked with Ray doing the patches should we leave our current supplier and look for a new one. Also orders for patches should still come into Brother Jesus and Brother Jesus can forward them to brother Raymond. Canadian orders should still go to Brother Dennis or Brother Johnny V.

Brother Ray stated that he would not send out orders until he has the money for the order in hand. Since we have an agreement / contract with Ringold we need to sit down with them and clarify who was able to order patches or create new items for KonB to be sold on the website if we continue to use them.

Brother Lawrence said he would contact Ringold and talk to Chris about who can change anything within the Knights on Bikes portion of the company. Brother Ray agrees with Brother Lawrence as to how we should handle things with Ringold. Brother Johnny V suggested that if we move away from our current company that we buy any KonB Overstock that they have on hand.

Brother Lawrence suggested that we let Ringold know that Brother Santa is no longer responsible for patch orders from Knights on Bikes. Also we should let them know by both email and letter of Our intention to take brother Santa out of the patch Loop.

Brother Bob made a motion to have Brother Lawrence to draft a letter requesting that Ringold cease and desist working with Brother Santa and work only with the Executive Board or the person appointed by the Executive Board. Brother Paul seconded the motion made, there was no debate and the motion was voted on and passed by the executive board.

It was decided to table the sending of the letter to Ringolde. Brother Lawrence will still call them and discuss with them that anything that they are doing for KonB at this time should be done through the Executive Board. At this time just notify them that brother Jesus will be taking over the ordering of patches.

Brother Lawrence is still to draft the letter for Ringolde and send it to the Executive Board for approval before the sent to anyone.

The next item that the board discussed was a list of members who don’t want to follow the current Bylaws and Executive Board, they also refuse to recognize that there are other countries who are part of Knights on Bikes. By refusing to follow the current rules and bylaws this represents a voluntary resignation on their part from Knights on Bikes.

The following is a list of those people who will no longer be members of K on B:

Mickey Huber, Mark Kuczera, Herb Holloway, Anthony Moore, Jim Spaeth, Bruce Hines, Eric Kirby, Doug Richardson, Steve Geiling, Jim Reinke, Bob Hall, Raj Rajput, Enrique Bonilla, Miguel Sanchez, Peter Morton, Andy Milot, Bret Fleming, Albert Truax, Chris Oldmixon, John Blackburn, Matt Kirby, Daniel O’Keefe, Bob “Santa” Anderson, and Russ Locke. 

These brothers will also be notified by mail by the end of the month as to why we consider them self quit or self-terminated. With the new trademark rules these gentlemen will be asked to return there K on B Patches.

Brother Ray ask the board what they thought of his Facebook post regarding the Branson Rally. All the feedback that he received from the board was positive.

Brother Bob received a call from Brother Angel stating that he and his members will do whatever is necessary to help alleviate the current issues within Knights on Bikes.

Brother Bob will have Brother Jesus write a letter to each member dismissed informing them of their voluntary withdrawal from K on B because of their violations of current KonB rules.

Brother Paul brought up the use of the term Godfather in regards to Brother Ray. He stated that he used the term for Brother Ray as a term of respect for Ray. He has never heard Brother Ray use the term in regards to himself.

It was also stated that is new members come in to join KonB they must continue to go through the interview and screening process prior to be accepted Within Knights on Bikes.

New members and current members will still need to follow the Bylaws and Rules of Knights on Bikes. This is a requirement if you wish to remain a member.

Brother Johnny V stated that Knights on Bikes Canada has been accepted properly by the Knights of Columbus of Canada and they will continue business as usual within Canada and will hold a meeting with Canadian members.

Brother Paul stated that Southern Cal will be holding a membership meeting on the 18th of February. Because of some of the divisions within KonB Brother Lawrence suggested that we’ll attending the meeting Brother Paul push for peace and unity within our organization.

Brother Angelo suggested that Brother Bob be invited to the meeting on 18th February.

The next item discussed was the 2023 International rally. We were told that there were a large number of cancellations because of the tension currently taking place within our organization.

What we discussed next was ideals for alternate sites where we can all get together in peace and harmony.

The Ark in Kentucky is fully booked for the rally week. EWTN in Alabama has nothing for kids or families to do while there. Michigan stated that they’re willing to hold a rally if requested to. Brother Lawrence said that the ride could be viewed as an event as opposed to a rally. Brother Paul suggested meeting in New Mexico. Brother Lawrence suggested possibly using Sturgis South Dakota. Brother Johnny V suggested doing two separate events one for the northern part of the country held in Michigan and one for the southern part of the country held in Dallas Texas. Brother Paul suggested doing a series of just State rallies.

It was then suggested that KonB meet for the Rally at The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was also stated that we need to make sure we have priests with us. After some research and discussion a motion was made to hold the 2023 rally at The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse Wisconsin. It was seconded, there was no further discussion, the motion was voted on and passed.

The next thing discussed was the election of national officers. These elections would be for a national president, time zone vice presidents and a national advocate. There will be an email going out asking for nominations for these positions and elections once all nominations are in would be held in March. Elections would be held the last week of March and voting would be online. The national president and vice presidents would be responsible for monitoring the state elections.

Brother Bob Bagley stated that he will contact the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe about holding the rally there and will pass the information on to the membership.

The next meeting of the board will be February the 19th at 1730 Eastern Standard Time.

2330: A Closing Prayer was offered at this time and the meeting was ended.